Accesspress Pro - Wordpress Theme

Thank you for purchasing Accesspress Pro theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email at or to my support forum at . Thanks so much!

Installing AccessPress Pro Theme (Administration Panel)

Installing AccessPress Pro Theme (Cpanel / ftp)

Choose the Template Color

Upload Fav Icon

Choose webpage Layout

Enable/Disable Responsive Desgin

Background Image/Pattern

OR (Upload Your own background-image)

Choose Home Page Layout

Setting Welcome Post

Configure Event Section (Home Page)

Note: You may replace this event section with the widget block too by clicking 'widgets' under event section and setting the widgets to display.


Configure Call to Action Section

Leaving the "Text field" empty will prevent "Call to Action from dispaying & Leaving the "Read More Text" to blank will prevent it "read more" button from displaying".

Configure Header Layout


Set Sticky Header

Set Header Text

Set Google Map (Header)

Adding Slider Images

Continue same steps as above for adding other slider images.

Configure Slider Settings.

Configuring Typography