Installation Via Administration Panel

Installation Via FTP/Cpanel

Theme Update

You will need to install and activate Envato Market WordPress Plugin inorder to get auto upate for the theme when update is available.



The theme comes with one click demo installation feature. You can install theme demos with just a click.

But first you will have to install all the recommended plugins inorder to import the demos smoothly.

The theme has welcome page which will facilate you with installing all the recommended plugins and installing demos.


Installing Required Plugins

Demo Import

Here you can see all the demos that are available for one click installation.


zigcy Options
Fig: Zigcy Option Panel

The theme have powerful theme option built for Zigcy theme, so that you can easily configure settings.

Here you can see some of the general settings for the theme


Here you can configure theme primary color option and background color options



Here you can configure theme preloader options.



Here you can upload favicons for differnet devices seperately



Here you can configure layouts for your sidebars and also page title bars.

Select desired sidebar layout from the available options.

General Settings

Here you can change general settings for WooCommerce pages. You can enable or disable shopping cart icon, change icon for cart, Change product hover styles etc.


Title Bar Layout

Enable or disable page header for WooCommerce pages, change background options etc.


Single Product Page

Here you can change settings related to single product page. Choose desired sidebar layout and also you can choose which sidebar area to be displayes as right and left sidebar. Note that you can create unlimited sidebar areas from Zigcy Options >> Sidebars and then you can choose sidebar areas here as per your need.

Also you can individually asign sidebar from proudct metabox options which you will see while adding new product or while editing the existing products.

Inside Single Product Page setting you can add custom tab to display for your visitors / customers. Also you can create seperate tab for seperate product from product metabox options.

Archive Product Page

Here you can asign sidebar for archive product page and control product columns etc.

Also you can add seperately designed page on top of your shop page. For better results you can create a seperate page and design it with Visual Composer and choose it to display on top your shop page.




The theme has built in option for comming soon mode. Whenever you are going to make some heavy changes on your site and you want to enable maintenance mode then the theme has feature which will be helpful to you.

First you will have to add a page with Maintenance Mode template selected.

maintenance template
Fig: select Maintenance mode template


The theme has option custom 404 page, you can design seperate page for 404 error page with visual composer and select it to display here.

The theme is fully compatible with Visual Composer, which will help you to create visually stunning layouts with your own creative ideas. 

The theme has 23 pre made visual composer elements.

Note: Please install the plugin VC Mega Addons which is required plugin and seperately designed for Zigcy theme.

You can get the plugin inside theme bundle file or you can install it from Appearance >> Welcome  and click on Required Plugins tab.


Here are some of the elements which are used on our theme demos.


Icon Text Box

Icon Text Box
Fig: Icon Text Box



Logo Slider

Logo Slider
Fig: Logo Slider



Grid Banner

Grid Banner
Fig: Grid Banner



Woo Products

Woo Products
Fig: Woo Products



Woo Cat Quick View Layout 1

Woo Cat Quick View
Fig: Woo Cat Quick View - Layout 1



Woo Cat Quick View Layout 2

Woo Cat Quick View



CTA Section Layout 1

CTA Section
Fig: CTA Section - Layout 1



CTA Section Layout 3

CTA Section
Fig: CTA Section - Layout 3



Woo Product Lists

Woo Product Lists
Fig: Woo Product Lists



Woo Category Block Slider

Woo Category Block Slider
Fig: Woo Category Block Slider



Woo Masonry Product

Woo Masonry Product
Fig: Woo Masonry Product



Woo Product Category Tabs

Woo Product Category Tabs
Fig: Woo Product Category Tabs



AJAX Woo Tab

AJAX Woo Tab
Fig: AJAX Woo Tab



Woo Category Slider

Woo Category Slider
Fig: Woo Category Slider

How Can I Change Date to look like demos?

Go to Settings >> General and Date Format then click on Custom and add j M Y

Demo Import Failed

Zigcy will import demo within a short period of time, you don't have to wait long for it. If some how you are unable to import the demo then this may be due to the PHP configuration limits that are set too low to complete the process. In that case, you should contact your web hosting service and ask them to increase those PHP configuration limits as follow:
  • max_execution_time 900
  • memory_limit 256M
  • post_max_size 100M
  • upload_max_filesize 150M
  • max_input_vars 9000
Once you have all the recommended PHP settings you should be able to import demo.

Does The Theme Supports RTL Languages?

Yes, Zigcy is ready to use with RTL languages.